Income Safe Careers for the Future

Finding the right career to fit your abilities and needs is hard enough, but finding one that will afford you advancement opportunities and, at least to some extent, job security is even more challenging. Looking into a crystal ball and seeing what lies ahead would be phenomenal, but alas, no one can safely predict what the future holds. That’s why it’s even more important to look at job market trends before rushing off into the sunset.

Green jobs are definitely on the rise with the increasing need for environmental conservation and restoration. Here a few contenders for the top spots:

  • Alternative energy production is going to be a top job provider in the future. Careers here include, but are not limited to: engineers specializing in wind, solar and hydro engineering, geologists, resource analysts, designers, scientists, technicians, maintenance workers and marketing experts.
  • Waste disposal/recycling is becoming a big issue and has an enormous impact on our environment. Jobs dealing with new methods of recycling materials and finding methods for disposing of non-recyclable refuse will become ever more important. These include: scientists, engineers, technicians, mechanics, route managers, maintenance workers and drivers.
  • Farming/food production in an environmentally responsible way will become more important as well. Finding eco-friendly alternatives for pesticides and herbicides will be one of the chief challenges. Careers here will include scientists, lab technicians and assistants, agricultural-analysts, geologists, biologists, soil analysts, carbon analysts, botanists, etc.

There are many other sectors that will be touched and influenced by the green movement. The important thing is to stay informed. Careers tend to give you different viable paths to achieve the ultimate goal, so it’s important to know what they are and to ask yourself which one is your yellow brick road to success.

The healthcare industry is one line of work that will always have a future. No matter how far we have come technologically and medically, humans still fall ill and need care. The pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and healthcare insurance are all a part of the healthcare picture. Following you will find a few of the jobs available in this sector:

  • Doctors have always been held in high regard and still are. Specialists in their fields are even more sought after.
  • Nurses are the backbone of any hospital and have also moved into home health care. Nursing is a career that will always have a future. If you choose this path you may also want to specialize in a certain area (e.g., neo-natal, geriatric or intensive care) to further your career.
  • Scientists look for cures, ways to alleviate symptoms, methods of prevention, etc.
  • Chemists find new ways to medicate the diseases we cope with.
  • Lab workers do all the tests that are necessary for diagnosis, and help in the development of new treatments.
  • Health insurance specialists help find the right protection plan for individuals, families or groups.
  • Insurance case workers help to assess the amount of help needed on a case-by-case basis. They also determine eligibility.

Taking responsibility for your future is important. You can work in the industry that’s right for you, making a career for yourself in a position you love, and still you may encounter other difficulties that aren’t always predictable. Falling ill, for example, can put a damper on your plans. However, you can make sure you’re financially stable by having income protection insurance, such as that offered by Suncorp, in place. You can also make sure that you stay on top of your game by learning everything there is to learn about your industry and to adapt to it as it evolves.

The above-mentioned jobs are just a small excerpt of those available or becoming available in the near future. The intention here is to help you look at a potential career now in a way that will serve you well in the future. Now go out there and grab the career that will carry you through the rest of your life!

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

Arlene Chandler

Arlene Chandler acquired her experience in a Seattle real estate firm and continues to acquire as much knowledge as she can. Being a foodie, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, not always successfully. Her article appears courtesy of Suncorp Group.

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