It’s All About Networking

As we move into the New Year, a lot of students are possibly preparing for their break into the real world as they graduate after this semester. Even if that is not the case for you at this point, the season of the summer job search is coming up sooner than you think. Getting a head start on the job search before exams is a great way to stay ahead of the game. In any experience, networking is an incomparable tool to scoring that summer job, which could lead to a longer term opportunity down the road. This firstly can include direct networking, through things such as personal and employer references. Building a good rapport with your boss on many levels is a concrete way to ensure this. As we’ve all heard before countless times: “Don’t burn your bridges,” as you never know when you will have to return or need them as you make that next move.

In today’s fast moving job market, social networking through social media platforms are an amazing way to land that next job. Not only do we see a huge number of general job postings listed on the internet, but social networks have given us the chance to more directly engage with peers and professionals. Recent international studies have shown that not only are there a lot of job seekers on the Web, but an overwhelming majority of professionals as well. Engaging with these same professionals gives you the chance to learn about new jobs available that are not normally posted publically. In fact, the majority of professional jobs for new graduates coming out of post-secondary are not posted for everyone to see. Research a bit about where you want to make your next move, and then join a number of networking sites and online communities. A very good start is at which is tailored for professional social networking, where you create a virtual resume and a profile for other professionals to browse. Other social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also great to use depending on your own personal experience.

Any other of these sites that you know of? What are your personal experiences with networking?

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  1. Antonella


    I am a Career Advisor and wondered if you could share any resources on social networking tips for my students. This style of networking is not one of my strong areas and would like to get some resources/amterial together that I could use to help me and my students with this skill. Thank you, for your time and assistance.


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