Career Profile: Mark Gettle, 51

Current Job: Project Manager, Construction Careers Regina

Current City/Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan

Education: Bachelor of Economics, University of Regina, 1994

Mark’s Story: Mark got his start in the trades as a teenager learning on the job. But it wasn’t until he completed his formal education at the University of Regina that his career really took off.

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Mark’s Career Path:

Push Your Boundaries

Before enrolling in an economics program at the University of Regina, all of Mark’s work training had been informal and on the job. As a teenager, he’d spent his summers working as a tradesperson for his father’s construction business. He stayed in the industry for nearly two decades. But by the mid-1980s, Mark was starting to crave something more. “I thought maybe I’d go into the theory and nuts and bolts behind business operation,” he says. “I had a brother who had already taken an economics degree … and I just found it interesting so I went that way.”

Get a Formal Education

During the winter months, when construction work typically slows down, Mark started taking courses toward an economics degree. Because he was able to study only part-time, it took eight years to complete the program. But by the time he graduated, Mark realized what he’d been missing. “The overall education allowed me to be more open … and understand more about what I was doing,” he says. “It got me thinking outside the box. You see different opportunities and different ways of doing things, (like) incorporating new technologies into your job.”

Adapt to Changing Circumstances

With the confidence of a degree behind him, Mark ventured off on his own in 2000 and launched Mar-New Construction. But by the time Mark hit his mid-forties, he realized he needed a change of pace. “I was starting to feel like I had to do something a little bit different because my body was wearing out,” he says. When online casino an opportunity came up to become a job coach with the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) in 2003, Mark happily accepted the position. A year and a half later, Mark was offered a job as project manager with Construction Careers Regina, a SIIT initiative that offers job coaching and training to help people enter the construction industry workforce.

Share Your Knowledge

There are days when Mark misses the hands-on aspect of his earlier work. But he takes great satisfaction in knowing that his current position enables him to help young people get their start in the trades and make sure they get the necessary education to succeed. He’s happy with where his career has taken him and says he has only one regret: not having gone to university earlier. “I think I still would have ended up where I am today,” he says. “But I might have been able to take my business to bigger and better places if I’d been better educated.”

Mark Says:

“Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s what you want to do, and do it well. (And remember that) education is the biggest key. If you enjoy education, go as far as you can with it because it never hurts; it always expands your horizons.”

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