On Apartments and Plans

So my get-rich quick schemes are finally starting to pan out, even though my security job hasn’t. And that’s the funny thing about plans. You can spend hours and hours on making plans, and be super organized and on top of things, but does that mean things will work out the way you planned them? Hardly. I’d planned to get a job within the first month of being home from school (and that was after my plan to get a job and stay in Toronto fell through) and here I am, three months later and I’ve only JUST got my license so I could start working as a security guard. And the company won’t give me any hours! It’s ridiculous, and actually I’m completely outraged. I was guaranteed employment with them if I paid for their training course, which I did—and through the nose, I might add. So I had better get a ton of calls from them in the next three weeks or I will NOT be a happy camper.

But my other schemes have been much more fruitful. I was able to sell my canoe, thanks to Kijiji, and hopefully the other items I’m putting up there will sell just as quickly. I also got a check from the government for the HST transition program they’re running. All this money will be going straight into my savings account, where it shall sit and collect interest until it’s time to pay my tuition bill.

The other banking thing I have to do is to order personal cheques. I have a chequing account, but never bothered with getting cheques. It made sense at the time, because I couldn’t think of any need for them. But now that I have to pay rent monthly, cheques will definitely come in handy.

Also with the apartment comes “the list”: my two roommates and I are now attempting to compile a list of things we need for the apartment, what we have already, who’s going to buy what, and so on and so forth. It’s a tiring process that is somewhat akin to herding cats. We’re close friends, so often the conversation gets sidetracked and we’re off on some other rant after only putting two things on the list. Today, after a two-hour conversation, all we dgfev online casino managed to figure out is that Alex has a dust-buster, I have a coffee machine, and her kettle is prettier than mine, so she’ll bring hers and I’ll leave mine behind. We ARE trying to plan it out, though. If we don’t, we’ll wind up with three tables, no chairs and only forks in the cutlery drawer, or something ridiculous like that. Anything that we suddenly realize we need once we move in, we plan to go buy at Dollarama or in Chinatown.

I’m SO excited to be moving in with these girls. They say you should never move in with your best friend because it will ruin the relationship, but… I don’t know. These two were at my residence room every single day this year, and slept over in my room at least four nights a week. So I think we’ll be okay. I mean, Alex lived down the hall from me, and she still slept over with me almost every night. I think there are some friends who can also be roommates. It just needs to be one of those relationships where you can yell at the other person when they’re being a jerk, and the two of you will still be tight immediately afterwards.

You do still have to be careful though, as I aim to be. Because, as I’ve learned, even the best-laid plans go awry.

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