Saying Goodbye: My Last Post

One day, my boss casually mentioned to me that he had spoken about blogging to someone at a national career development conference—apparently he had said that I was keeping a regular blog for the career centre, and that it was being well-received. He asked me if I had any interest in expanding my writing to a national audience. I was intrigued. So he went on to say that the people he spoke to were looking for regular bloggers for the Career Options website.

That day was about two years ago, and my first blog for Career Options was published a couple of weeks later. It was a reflective piece on how I got involved in blogging in the first place, and how over time, that grew into something more significant. As an introductory article, the piece was very much a way for me to say hello.

Of course, for every hello there is an equal and opposite goodbye (I’m pretty sure this is a law of physics). As life goes on, so does change and growth. So today it is my sad but necessary duty to write my final ‘regular’ blog article for Career Options, and to express my gratitude for the editorial team and, most importantly, the readers who have followed my scattered thoughts along the way.

It’s funny—I wrote about the difficulty of saying goodbye just the other week on my other blog. For the second time, actually. Goodbyes are just such a frequent experience! In the more recent of those two posts, I wrote about how goodbyes are a great time to offer appreciation. So, I’d like to appreciate some of the experiences I’ve been able to have as a blogger here.

Over my two years writing for Career Options, I’ve written over 60 articles. Amazingly, I’ve gotten away with writing about some pretty fun stuff. There was that one post about hockey, and then that other one. There was the post about Margaret Atwood, one of my favourite authors. And who could forget the post I wrote about M&Ms and trail mix? That has to stand as one of the better metaphors I’ve come up with.

But it doesn’t end there—there was the post about moustaches, and more recently the one about beards. There was also the post in which I relived all of my most memorable romantic rejections—fun!

Of course, we also have what might be one of my favourite articles, the one about instructional painter Bob Ross, and his five career lessons.

All in all, I can’t complain about being able to write about topics like all of the above. I hope that I was able to bring a smile to some readers’ faces, and hey, sometimes there was even some career advice snuck in there!

On a more serious note, it’s been a real pleasure—and one I never anticipated, to be honest—to have a venue to express some of my thoughts on what I believe to be an incredibly important issue in the career development of youth. I know that I’ve grown as a writer, and hopefully matured a little bit as a professional, over these last two years. If I played even a small role in something similar for someone else, I will consider my time spent here decidedly well spent.

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