SFU Career Services Launches Twitter Tuesdays

At Simon Fraser University, we at the Career Services and the Online Learning Community team have launched Twitter Tuesdays. These biweekly educational Twitter chats invite students, staff and alumni to ask questions and share their thoughts on career-related topics. Chats have covered everything from resumé and interview tips to workplace wardrobe―one week even looked at unpaid internships and employment rights.

The chats sprung from a desire to engage students in a new and interactive way. We wanted students to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their opinions, so we chose to use a venue they were already active on and where we had already built an established following. We put a focus on education, writing several posts to explain what the chats are, how to participate, and why they’re valuable.

A typical chat involves two to three leaders from @SFU_Career and @SFU_OLC who answer questions and provide resources. Whenever possible, we bring in guests to provide expert insight and a fresh perspective for our regular participants.

We think this is an innovative way to get students excited about career topics that can be otherwise dry and provide them with an opportunity to network online with employers, advisors, co-op coordinators and other students. While students who actively participate get the most out of the chats, the content is still freely available to anyone, even if they don’t feel comfortable enough to ask their own questions.

In order to create a lasting resource we’ve put a major emphasis on creating detailed recaps and bringing all the shared advice and resources together in one place, providing value that lasts well beyond the initial hour.

You can follow our next chat or find recaps by searching #OLCchat on Twitter or visiting www.sfu.ca/olc

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