Show, Don’t Tell

Telling an employer how great you are is easy. On a paper resumé and job application, you directly outline your skills and qualities that will benefit employers. But employers can only take away so much from reading that you are “dedicated,” “determined” and “detail-oriented.” The truth is, more and more employers are adopting the “show, don’t tell” mentality, which means instead of telling employers how great you are, you need to actually show them. By using social media, you have new ways to do just that.

Twitter recently stepped up their game in the social media universe with Vine—a mobile app for Android and iPhone users that captures real, live motion video and shares it with other users. Videos are limited to seven seconds, but those seconds can be divided however the user desires. To use Vine, you set up a profile that’s similar to a Twitter account, complete with a online casino display photo, a brief summary of yourself, and a news feed of your Vine clips. The clips are shown on a loop and can be shared on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In order to find other Vine clips, hashtags such as #vineportraits, #howto, #food, #travel and #thingsilove allow Vine users to browse videos and ‘like’ or comment them as they please.

Although it isn’t extremely surprising, it’s still really neat to see people use Vine to display their creativity, and I’m sure employers and recruiters would agree. Last February, a woman named Dawn Siff created an online resumé in the form of a Vine clip. The clip went viral and generated a hefty amount of buzz—so much buzz that Dawn received a number of job offers and leads.

It’s hard to imagine selling yourself to an employer using only a seven-second video clip. The concept behind Dawn’s Vine resumé was to explain her qualities as an employer using simple words: Manager, Strategist and Deadline Jedi. Not overly creative, but she is still responsible for making possibly the first Vine post of its kind.

And that’s the thing: new apps like Vine let people add colour to something as dry as a job application by giving them tools to show off their creativity. Dawn Siff saw Vine as a chance to promote herself to potential employers in a different and memorable way. It’s a perfect example of social media kicking doors wide open and providing opportunities for people to get noticed in the digital world. Welcome to the future.

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