The August Fog

Well, it’s here: August, the home stretch of summer. If you thought May to July went by fast, then don’t blink, because August will come and go in a haze of half-baked plans. This bittersweet month is filled with last-minute preparing for school, last chances to hang out with friends, just a few weeks to save up that last little bit of money and even dedicate a few days here and there to doing absolutely nothing.

How do you get ready to take on the dual roles of responsible student and social butterfly without breaking a sweat? Have you been reading these blogs all year? Then you know the answer: with a little bit of careful planning (and maybe a lot more deodorant).

You Don’t Want To, but You Have To

No one really wants to get ready to go back to class. Books are expensive and Staples always has a strange smell to it (or so I’ve been told…). For me, school shopping has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure—I like getting new things, whatever they may be. Wow, this is making me sound really bad, but oh well. Shopping for school should be done just like any other trip to a mall. Go with friends (because, let’s face it, they need to get this done too) and you’re already multitasking! Brilliant, no? As long as you’re smart about purchases (Do you really need a Zwipes binder? You’re in college. Come on.), you won’t need to go through the stress and embarrassment of restocking for the fall with the parents.

For those moving back out, look at this as a time to search your local Goodwill or other thrift store for wacky new furniture. You DO need that naked lady lamp, and it should be illegal not to own a bean bag chair for your living room. Other necessary items to pick up include a record player, because we all know vinyl is the greatest, and any random books that might make you appear well read. There will be plenty of time to read those once frosh is over anyway! Just talking about this is making me want to move out again!

You Want To, but You Might Not Have the Time

Summer’s almost at an end, so you probably have a lot of faces to see and not enough time to see them all. To avoid social estrangement, do your best to hang out with small groups of friends. Go to a restaurant, have a movie night, go shopping (see above—genius). Ottawa has been having amazing weather lately, and it’s been a great week to spend time with friends outside—even if it is just patio hopping. (If this is your version of spending time outside too, remember to drink plenty of water, kids.)

You might not be able to hang out with everyone, and that’s just a fact of life. Do not make ridiculous plans that will drain you or mess up your work schedule beyond recognition. Having that extra money could be a lifesaver later this year. You never know. If you have good friends, they’ll understand and you can see them during the winter anyway.

That Last Paycheck…

…may be the most important. If you’re prepared for school and aren’t extremely stressed for time, maybe you can look in to picking up an extra shift or two. Showing initiative will make you more desirable for rehire next summer, increases your chances for recommendations for store transfers during the year, and will help with future references in general. On second thought, why haven’t you been doing this all summer?

Anyway, don’t let the stress of everything that needs to be done get to you. Make this last month memorable. Try to remember what day it is and don’t let the haze of the August Fog come and go in a blur. In other words, get up before noon!

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