The Lost Art of Writing: Why Bother?

Will academic efforts to teach us to write in complete sentences and form coherent arguments go the way of smoking on airplanes? (Yeah, they really used to allow that…!) Honestly, who does this stuff much anymore? Most of what we write and read these days is relegated to tiny snippets or character counts in texts and tweets.

What’s more, one study online found that the vast majority of people reading articles online quit before they get to the end of the page. This includes everyone, not just young people that have embraced the era of Twitter and emoticons to express their innermost thoughts. So this raises the question: why should we bother with learning to write?

Well, for one thing, writing is not an archaic form of communication. It is still used extensively throughout society in spite of technology. In fact, more books (those blocky things made from dead trees) are being written now than at any other time in history. But to bring it down to a personal level, you simply have to have a good grasp of writing if you plan to succeed in post-secondary education.

Bother for School

Your ability to write well will help you get into college or university. Schools take your admission essay very seriously, more so than many applicants realize. If you need help with writing yours, take a look at these polished sample college admission essays for inspiration. As mentioned in point 4 of the article “Should You Care About Your SAT Writing Score?” many schools will look at your essay score on the SAT to see if it matches the writing skills on display in your application essay.

In post-secondary you will be required you to articulate your thoughts and form persuasive arguments using sound grammar devoid of truncated words and emoticons. You can expect to write far more than you did in high school. In some courses a large portion of your final grade will depend on your ability to write, whether it is for business reports or laboratory findings. In high school your report writing may have been limited to book reports, but in college and university you will be learning to write for the real world.

Bother for Life

If you want to get ahead in the working world, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on how to communicate effectively in writing. Look at any site devoted to helping people get ahead in their careers and you will find articles on the importance writing plays in finding a good job and moving up in an organization. Keep this in mind: writing is a marketable skill. Don’t miss out on opportunities now to make it a part of your marketable skill set.

Jasmine Lloyd

Jasmine Lloyd simply enjoys writing and knows that writing is an art form anyone can improve at with practice. When not spending time in front of her keyboard, she can often be found enjoying the outdoors on a hike or mountain bike ride. Her article appears courtesy of Essay Edge.

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