Turn That Frown Upside Down!

This month just seems to have been on of those months. It’s dark so early that I’m walking home in pitch blackness. The cold seems to make everybody extra grumpy and the amount of traffic as a result from the snow and ice just tips you over the edge.

Everybody I’ve spoken to just seems to feel the same drab way every single day.

“How was your day?”

“Worst. Day. Ever. My boss…nag nag nag. My roommates…blah blah blah. My boyfriend….whine whine whine. OH! And a migraine to top it off.”

I’m really getting sick of this negative attitude – though this month I’ve been guilty of it a few times as well. If you surround yourself with negativity, it’s bound to bring you down which will in turn bring down the quality of your work.

Office morale is a subject of much discussion. Why? Because it is so important having a healthy work environment to make sure employees enjoy their work and workplace, and put out their best work. When morale is low, employees resent their employers and coworkers, miss deadlines and perform subpar, which reflects poorly on the entire office.

Despite the winter weather and a stressful busy season at work, I like to keep a spring in my step and spread a little sunshine around the office. About 85% of the time it is really appreciated…the rest of the time people are too busy and just really appreciate being left alone.

Here are a few simple things I like to do to stay positive and spread the positivity around the office.

Get some peanut butter and toast ‘cause it’s JAM TIME: I love taking a few minutes out of my day to throw on my headphones and put on some of my favourite music. The flavour of the month is Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu_zwdmz0hE). My coworker sent this to me and now whenever who plays it, we email each other: Subject: “Barbara” with a blank email and then reply “Streisand”. Easy way to bring a smile. I highly recommend upbeat music instead of the angry sounding stuff.

I also HIGHLY recommend throwing in a dance with your tune. Being caught head bobbing and arm waving makes everybody smile.

On slow days, it’s always good to throw on some soothing music for the office like Vivaldi or Coldplay (I’m not ashamed to admit I love Coldplay!)

Nobody can resist a treat: Treats can come in many forms. Every once in a while I like to bake cookies or cupcakes for everybody in the office. I have never ever been turned down either. If you see a coworker who is having an especially hard week or is really helping you out, go out of your way to make them smile and say thanks. Beer and wine are always well received. One of my closer coworkers has really been working her butt off with me on a huge project so I took her out for drinks and dinner. It can be as easy as making somebody a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Recently I restarted an old office tradition where somebody would randomly pickup bagels and cream cheese. One day I stopped by the local bagel shop and grabbed some fresh warm bagels, and now we do it every other Wednesday. We all huddle around the kitchen table and chat those mornings.

Things that make you think or laugh: Every morning I write a little email to the entire company to talk about what’s going on in the office. On Fridays I like to post hilarious viral videos I come across or other coworkers send me.

Who doesn’t love a good viral video? Occasionally coworkers will Photoshop funny pictures with other employees or send links to interesting articles and blogs that make you think. Laughing aside, the blogs are also a nice mental break which is important for everybody.

As an extrovert it’s pretty easy for me to stay positive – especially with a big cup of coffee in the morning. Whatever you do, try to keep a positive outlook and spread the cheer around the office this holiday season.

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