Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'?

Holy crow, people. That is all I can say. The semester is supposed to be winding down now, since all the professors are preparing for the exams, so why is it that everyone seems so tightly wound? Final projects are due soon, or right now, and many people I know have started quitting their jobs or taking a leave of absence in order to give themselves more time for studying and essay-ing. I wonder how many of you guys out there have done the same, eh?

Keeping a job going in university is hard, and it has to be a very flexible job too. Maybe not for everyone, but for anyone in a program like mine, it is sometimes hard to figure out when classes will be over, when your project will be done and when you won”t have rehearsal.

Thanks to the demanding schedule of my program, this blog is the only job I can really afford to have time-wise, so I”m relying a lot on my parents for money to buy things like food, clothing and tuition. But this blog is perfect. I sit down for an hour or two once a week, write to you dear readers about how awesome life is, or some new bit of sage advice my online casino mind has conjured up and voila! If I had to work many more hours than that, I think I would go crazy.

I”m hoping to get some work in Toronto over the summer so that I can stay here, but it”s not a sure thing yet. I”m starting my job hunt after winter break is over (wish me luck!)

There are some people in my program who DO manage to have real part-times jobs (Hey, blogging is a real job too… Right?) and somehow schedule all that around our insane rehearsal hours and long classes (We call these people crazies). I don’t know how they do it, but they must be finding work as contortionists or something, because DANG they be flexible. Sorry for the bad joke – I”m tired so I may be STRETCHING it a bit… Sorry for the pun as well. You know I”m bending over backwards to write this stuff for you guys, right?

Okay, okay, I”m done. Promise.

Anyways, back to my point; if you want a job in university that will maximize your cash while minimizing impact on your grades, you have to find something that is extremely flexible on hours and shifts. Either that or be THE nicest person at your job so that if you need to switch a shift with anyone, people will be willing.

But when it really comes down to it people, your grades are what is most important. You’ve got to remember that. So even if it means quitting a super-sweet job and depending a bit more on your parents for a while, it IS worth the sacrifice. University is all about working towards your dream job, and if you don”t pass, you”re going to be stuck with the burger-joint job that failed you in the first place.

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